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Trusted advisors to business owners preparing for exit

The destination for owners who seek experienced guidance in navigating their business sale to achieve superior outcomes

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You sell your business only once

Achieve your goals.
Navigate the chaos. 
Execute discretely, with confidence.

The world of business transactions is complex and full of the wrong incentives. Sometimes you get good advice. Sometimes you don't. Rarely do you get the best outcome. Quailnav exists to be the business owner's representative - a trusted advisor, free from conflicting interests and misaligned incentives. We help business owners achieve their goals. Experienced guidance. Superior results. 

Business Owner's Representative

Qualinav works solely for the business owner. We guide owners to the best possible outcomes. It starts with exit planning and continues through the sale process. We help navigate and drive the best outcomes for your business exit.  Our success depends on your success.

Planning + Execution = Superior Results

Your needs are unique. Your business is unique. You require an experienced guide to understand the nuances, help you craft a plan, and manage the execution. Qualinav consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in executive management, investing, investment banking, accounting, and finance. We have experience across all industries and serve as a trusted advisor along the path to exit. 

About Qualinav

We are changing the way business owners think about exit. Experienced. Practical. Better outcomes.

Whether you are just starting to think about exit or you are ready to begin the process, we can help. Qualinav starts by focusing on the key elements of success, separating the signals from the noise. Our process works to define your goals, create a game plan, select the best resources to most efficiently achieve your desired outcome, and guide the execution along the way. 

Qualinav is a group of experienced professionals that spent careers investing, advising, and managing businesses of all sizes. Our team includes former private equity investors, CEOs, investment bankers, board members, accountants, and business analysts. Just as importantly, our interests are aligned  with yours from start to finish.  

Benefits of working with Qualinav

The sale of your business is too important to go without experienced and unbiased guidance. Qualinav is your architect and trusted advisor along the path to exit.

Gain Peace of Mind

Navigating the sale of your business is a minefield and we provide order to the process. We help prepare you for the journey, set the course, and manage the complex process. We are not investment bankers. Our goal is to provide unbiased advise to achieve your best outcomes.

Achieve Your Goals

Preparing your business for sale is different than preparing yourself for the sale of the business. Our assessment and roadmap helps position your business for maximum value, while prioritizing your legacy and taking care of your people. We also guide you through the goal setting process so your business remains in good hands and your goals are achieved.

Unbiased, Trusted Guide

There are thousands of investment bankers, brokers, lawyers, and accountants out there. They are not all created equal. Don't leave it to chance. We help you select the "right" advisors, negotiate the "right" agreements, and keep the process on the rails.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

-Thomas A. Edison

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